PAUL DIGINGS - Colchester, England

Available for Employment, Contracting or Consulting

e-mail: pdigs at 


I.T. Consultant - 30+ years experience

BSc Honours Degree in Biological Sciences

Nationality: British

Kepner Tregoe PSDM Instructor/Consultant

Original Thinker

Professional Problem Solver (Strategic & Systemic)








Java: J2EE, Eclipse 

Node.js: Connect, Express, Sails

Mobile: Android, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

Process: Change Management, Risk Analysis, Lean

Application: Application Management, Supplier Management

Cloud:  IaaS (AWS, Azure), PaaS (Google Apps, Google Script), SaaS (Wordpress)

Products: Hybris, Celum, Sharepoint, Smartsheet

O.S: Windows, Linux


Kepner Tregoe PSDM (Problem Solving & Decision Making) Instructor

Fagan Defect-Free Process (including Fagan Inspection and Code Review)

ITIL Practitioner (Release & Control - Change Management) 

Technical Project Management

Six Sigma Experience





Sika (2009 – 2022)     

Zurich, Switzerland

Technical Internet Consultant - Development, Support, Integration, Trouble-shooting, Consultancy, Project Management:

Cloud computing: IaaS (AWS, Azure), PaaS (Google Script, Google Apps, Google Sites, Google Analytics), SaaS (Wordpress)

Mobile Internet (Android, Java, Eclipse, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PWA's)

Digital Asset Management (Celum / Java)

Product Information Management / eCommerce (Hybris / Java)

Document Management (Sharepoint)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Node, Connect, Express, Sails (+MEAN)

Change Management, Risk Analysis

Application Management, Supplier Management


NOVO NORDISK (2003 – 2008)     

Zurich, Switzerland

Chief Application Developer – Livelink/Sharepoint 2003 & 2007/ASP(.Net)/Java/XML/XSL

My role at this company involved the development & maintenance of the company’s knowledge management systems (Livelink, Sharepoint).

I also developed and maintained various other systems written in ASP, ASP.Net, VB6, Java, SQL Server, Oracle & XML/XSL.

In 2003 I wrote a global address book program which was positively reviewed in the company's e-newspaper.

In 2004 I led the team upgrading our Livelink 9.1/SQL Server installation to Livelink 9.2/Oracle 9i (UTF8).

In 2005 I designed and wrote a corporate portal interface for this company’s BlackBerry users using Java services.

Jan-Jun 2006 I implemented Sharepoint 2003 for projects and integrated this with the Livelink environment.

July 2006-Jan 2008 I was involved in a project to upgrade our entire Livelink environment to Sharepoint 2007. My particular responsibilities included site branding, navigation, site construction, custom webpart development & excel services implementation. This project included enhancing our Java services software (see 2005 above) to interface with Sharepoint 2007 using Web services (SOAP) and RSS technology.


HOLCIM COMMERCE LTD (2002 – 2003)     

Holderbank, Switzerland

Senior Software Engineer – Java/Ariba Buyer/XML/SQL Server

I worked for this company implementing an Ariba Buyer 7.1 e-procurement application in a global roll-out project. This involved heavily customising Ariba Buyer using mainly Java & XML.


IPS AMERICA (2000 - 2002)     

San Francisco, USA 

Contractor - Java/EJB/Ariba Marketplace/Weblogic/Oracle/XML/LDAP

Developed a B2B marketplace and collaboration workspace for the global  construction  industry.

I worked as a Senior Developer in a team implementing a B2B trading package (Ariba Marketplace). This package is based on the following technologies: Java (J2EE), EJB, Weblogic, Oracle, XML & LDAP.

In addition to development my duties included estimating workload, unit testing and providing advice & consultancy.


COMPUTER SCIENCES CORP  (1999 - 2000)     

Farnborough, England

Consultant - Java SDK/J2EE/EJB/Visual Café 3.0/SQL Server 7

I  worked as a Consultant leading a team to develop a demand forecasting system.

This was a three tier client server system. The client consisted of an applet incorporating Swing components and was developed in Visual Café 3.0. The application server accessed an SQL Server 7 database using JDBC and was developed in Java SDK 1.2.


NET-FORCE GROUP plc (1998 - 1999)     

Chelmsford, England

Senior Analyst/Programmer - VB6/Visual Interdev 6/Java SDK/ASP/SQL Server 7

I developed an e-commerce web-site package using Visual Interdev 6, ASP, VB6 & ADO.

Other projects I worked on included a virtual art gallery (VI6, Visual Café 3.0, ASP, SQL Server 7) and a real-time messaging system (VB6, ADO, Access 97).  

I also developed a new e-commerce prototype using the Java Web Servlet API & JDBC/SQL at the back-end with a Javascript/HTML front-end.



Chelmsford, England

Senior Software Engineer - Unix/C/C++

I worked as part of an international team of engineers to design & develop a leading edge, managed network system for HF radio. This project for the Swedish armed forces was an 80+ man-year effort.

The development environment utilised Unix (Solaris), C, C++ & Vxworks (a posix compliant real-time OS) while the design environment comprised Cadre's Teamwork SA/SD (Yourdon).


IMA-SYS LTD (1992 - 1996)

Manchester, England 

Development Consultant - Unix/C/C++

I led the team responsible for developing and supporting a new release of a cash receipting system  written in C & C++ and running under Unix.



Colchester, England

Product Manager (1989 - 1991) 

Chaired meetings and led the team responsible for releasing products within the Unix range of computer systems.

Senior Systems Engineer (1985 - 1989)

I successfully supported the UK user base in a range of products written in C/Unix.

Programmer/Technical Specialist (1980 - 1985) 

Supported the UK user base with regard to debugging & technical advice on systems design.




Cloud Computing

IaaS (AWS, Azure)

PaaS (Google Script, Google Apps, Google Sites, Google Analytics)

SaaS (Wordpress) 


Mobile Internet

Android/Java/Eclipse, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Responsive Web Design 


Ubuntu, Centos, Knoppix, Android-x86, Kali, System Rescue, DSL 



SQL Server , Oracle, MySQL, PosgresSQL, MongoDB 


Web Servers

IIS, Tomcat


Connect, Express, Sails, (+MEAN) 


Project Management

Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server , Smartsheet



Cadre Teamwork SA/SD,

Fagan Defect-Free Process including Fagan Inspection (Software Process Improvement)

Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

ITIL Practitioner (Release & Control)

Six Sigma experience






BSc Honours Degree in Biological Sciences - 1980

Kepner Tregoe PSDM (Problem Solving & Decision Making) Instructor - 1988

Fagan Inspection (S/W Process Improvement) - 1998

ITIL Practitioner (Release & Control) - 2007

Hybris Commerce (5.7) - 2016

Microsoft Azure - 2017





Nationality: British

Marital Status: Single

Interests: Socialising, Philosophy, Skiing, Skating

Full Driving Licence